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NMRA British Region Elected Officers

The Constitution of the NMRA British Region stipulates that the Board of Directors (BoD) shall consist of the following posts:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Director


Term of Office

Each of the above posts is for one year commencing at the Annual General Meeting.

The Vice President is normally expected to take the position of President after the latter retires after his/her term.

Nominations for all five British Region BoD posts of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Director must be submitted irrespective of whether the incumbents intend to continue in their posts or not.

Download NMRA British Region Officer Nomination Form Here.

Nominations should indicate the name of the nominee and the position nominated for and should be signed by the nominee, the proposer and seconder.  All three persons should be current members of the NMRA resident in the British Region. Nominations should the be sent to the Ballot Chairman. If more than one nomination is received for a post then a ballot will be held three months prior to the Annual General Meeting by all Region members.


NMRA British Region Appointed Officers

Apart from the Ballot Chairman and the Independent Examiner, who are appointed, or confirmed by members at the AGM, officers are appointed by the President, and continue in appointment until they either step down or are replaced at the instruction of the President.

Elected Officer
President Charles Hendy president@nmrabr.org.uk 07940 032 509
Vice President Jonathan Small vicepresident@nmrabr.org.uk 01516 522 763
Membership Director Peter Bowen membership@nmrabr.org.uk 01749 674 739
Secretary Peter Lloyd Jones secretary@nmrabr.org.uk 01822 859 131
Hon Treasurer Chris James treasurer@nmrabr.org.uk 07918 125 759
NMRA Atlantic District Director Mike Arnold atldr@hq.nmra.org 01892 459 967
Appointed Officer
Registrar and Renewals Officer James Lucas registrar@nmrabr.org.uk 07715 173 909
Independent Examiner Alan Sewell repaccountant@nmrabr.org.uk 07880 732 669
Ballot Chair Rai Fenton ballotchair@nmrabr.org.uk 0208 529 7307
Contest Chair David Mclaughlin contestchairman@nmrabr.org.uk 07712 266 918
Achievement Program Chair Keith Webb achievechair@nmrabr.org.uk 01494 528 973
Achievement Program Assist Jonathan Small achieveassist@nmrabr.org.uk 01516 522 763
Achievement Program Assist Terry Wynne achieveassist-2@nmrabr.org.uk 01270 567 050
Achievement Program Assist Mick Moignard achieveassist-3@nmrabr.org.uk 01844 238 682
Member Aid Officer Tom Watson memberaid@nmrabr.org.uk 01784 436 062
Archivist John Firth archivist@nmrabr.org.uk 01937 830 638
Librarian Eric Belshaw library@nmrabr.org.uk 07875 880 490
Roundhouse Editor and Publisher Peter Bowen editor@nmraroundhouse.co.uk 01749 674 739
Roundhouse Advertising Robert Henworth advertising@nmrabr.org.uk 07956 486 452
Marketing and Events Coordinator Gordy Robinson marketing@nmrabr.org.uk 07539 101 415
Publicity Stand Coordinator Chris James publicity@nmrabr.org.uk 07918 125 759
Exhibitition Layout Registry Jonathan Small pikeregistry@nmrabr.org.uk 0151 652 2763
Website Administrator Peter Bowen administrator@nmrabr.org.uk 01749 674 739