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The NMRA invites you to a Modelling Challenge – we want to see your models – any scale and style whether it be British or American or Canadian or Australian or South African or European . . . OK so you get the idea.

We are all about modelling and here is your chance to show off what you can do and maybe pick up an award or two . . . !!!


Bring your models along to The NMRA Winter Meet on
4 February 2023 in the
Stokenchurch Community Centre, Bartholomew Tipping Lane, Stokenchurch HP14 3RX

The model railway organisation that rewards members for modelling excellence

The NMRA  Achievement Program gives you the opportunity to collect awards in many different categories while giving  you the opportunity to have your models assessed by experienced modellers who are always willing to provide the encouragement and advice you need.

The NMRA aims to help modellers develop new skills to further improve their modelling abilities.

“contests and AP assessments are a way to get objective feedback on your modelling skills and ability”

Mick Moignard MMR® #693
Read about Mick Moignard’s MMR Journey


“I have sought to promote the hobby and to assist others wherever and whenever I can”

David Nicholson MMR® #684
Read about David Nicholson’s MMR Journey 


“David Gunn MMR® gave me some very valuable advice about working through the Achievement Program: plan carefully, keep records, drawings and photos as you go, and make everything you do count towards it”

Jonathan Small MMR® #675
Read about Jonathan Small’s MMR Journey 


“The Achievement Program is about personal growth and is rarely encouraged as a result of a contest judging”

Bruce Petrarca MMR® #574
Read about Bruce Petrarca’s MMR Journey 


1. Master Builder – Cars
2. Master Builder – Motive Power
3. Master Builder – Structures
4. Master Builder – Scenery
4a. Master Builder – Prototype Models
5. Model Railroad Engineer – Civil
6. Model Railroad Engineer – Electrical
7. Chief Dispatcher
8. Association Official
9. Association Volunteer
10. Model Railroad Author

Models can be assessed at any convenient time and place for you and the assessors. It could also be at a Regional or Divisional Meet or even the Convention. Models may also be assessed at the Convention Contest. The same scoring system is used and Merit Awards in the Contest count towards the Achievement Program.

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