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Freedom of the Region is effectively an Honorary Life Membership of the NMRA and the British Region and is only rarely awarded. It is awarded for exceptional service to the British Region over many years of service.

Freedom of the Region 2005 Ken Brennan

Freedom of the Region 2006 Len Firth

Freedom of the Region 2006 Steve Park

Freedom of the Region 2008 John Hey

Freedom of the Region 2010 Martin Boyask

Freedom of the Region 2013 Derek Milby

Freedom of the Region 2013 Tom Winlow

Freedom of the Region 2013 Ellis James-Robertson

Freedom of the Region 2013 Derek Frow

Freedom of the Region 2014 John Firth

Freedom of the Region 2015 Rai Fenton

Freedom of the Region 2017 Michael James Ingham

Freedom of the Region 2022 Peter Bowen


The President of the NMRA British Region presents a special award called “The Golden Spike” to one member per year who has served the NMRA British Region either by voluntary work, modelling achievements or long term contributions of their time and expertise.

Golden Spike 1983 Rai Fenton

Golden Spike 1985 Rod Welch

Golden Spike 1988 Maurice Jones

Golden Spike 1989 Derek Frow

Golden Spike 1993 The Gunn Family

Golden Spike 1995 Martin Boyask

Golden Spike 1996 Geoff Meek

Golden Spike 1998 Ian Wilson

Golden Spike 2000 John & Mary Hey

Golden Spike 2002 Russ Cooke

Golden Spike 2003 All Members of the 2003 Kegworth Special Convention Committee

Golden Spike 2004 Len Firth

Golden Spike 2005 Steve Park

Golden Spike 2006 Nobby Clarke

Golden Spike 2007 Jock Graham

Golden Spike 2008 John Hey

Golden Spike 2009 Mike Arnold

Golden Spike 2010 Tom Winlow

Golden Spike 2011 Michael Ingham

Golden Spike 2012 Derek Milby

Golden Spike 2013 Bob Perrat

Golden Spike 2014 Martyn Read

Golden Spike 2015 Mike Hughes

Golden Spike 2016 Kathy Millatt

Golden Spike 2017 John Firth

Golden Spike 2018 Peter Bowen

Golden Spike 2019 Steve Dennison

Golden Spike 2020 Gordon Robinson

Golden Spike 2021 James Lucas

Golden Spike 2022 David McLaughlin


NMRA President’s Award for Division Service

The NMRA President’s Award for Service to the Division (established in 2017) is awarded by the NMRA National President to one individual in a Division in each Region per year, who has done outstanding “beyond-the-call-of-duty” work to make his or her local Division effective, engaging, and welcoming to members.

Individuals are recommended to the NMRA President by the NMRA National Board of Directors, National Officers, or Region Presidents, as appropriate, and preferably always with the guidance of the Region Officials.

President’s Award 2017 Martin Boyask

President’s Award 2018 Tom Winlow

President’s Award 2019 Mike Hughes

President’s Award 2020 Brian Moore

President’s Award 2021 Peter Bowen

President’s Award 2022 Chris James

Updated: 07.11.2022