JMRI and Intermountain incompatibility?

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JMRI and Intermountain incompatibility?

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I'm using some of my holiday (Yes, I know I timed it badly) to add locos to my JMRI roster.

The first handful went on without any problems - a Broadway Blueline AC6000, a Tower 55 ES44AC, Athearn Blue Box GP40 and a Balboa Mk5 2-8-2 - but JMRI reported a short circuit when trying to interrogate an Intermountain U18B with factory-fitted QSI decoder. The loco runs perfectly well on both Calder Northern's Westen Mills layout and my own Signa-Trak controlled test track.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, either with Intermountain or any other QSI-fitted locos, or am I simply jinxed?
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Re: JMRI and Intermountain incompatibility?

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When I Googled it looks like those locos were factory fitted with ESU decoders.
If it is a QSI decoder, make sure the verbal read back is disabled, I know that causes problems with JMRI.

Some systems have trouble with some sound decoders, where any of the other decoders the same make? If the programming current is too low they see the sound decoder inrush current as a short circuit. I haven't come across the Signa-Trak before, I know earlier Lenz and some Digitrax command stations have problems.

If you don't need to program the loco, but want JMRI to know it for operating purposes, you can still add it to the roster by telling JMRI what it is. Then it will program on the main but without feed back, consist with JMRI and show on Withrottle etc.
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