Important achievement program info

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Important achievement program info

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Important Achievement Program Information
2018 NMRABR Convention

Dear members,
Due to work commitments, I’m not sure if I’m going to be available at Derby this year. If you intend to bring models for assessment, please send me your completed SOQ’s ASAP so that I can try and organise people to be available to assess your models. I will accept partially-completed forms immediately IF you have only just started the model but will have it completed by the convention.

If you do not send me your SOQs in advance (as specified in the AP Rules) and inform me ahead of the convention, I cannot guarantee that there will be qualified assessors available to assess your work. Please read all the relevant parts on the website here: to ensure you provide what is required to avoid disappointment. There are tips and tricks there too.

You can find all the forms you need here: DO NOT use the Contest Forms. Please remember that AP assessing is not like the contest – you are expected to be there to show the assessor around your model and answer questions. However, it is not a ‘show and tell’, you still need to provide all the supporting documentation and photos showing construction and conformity (how it conforms to prototype). I would also request you to scan and email me all of your completed forms and documentation, as I have to send this on to the USA (I’m also assessed that I’m doing my job properly and fairly!)

If you have any questions – call me (between 17:00 – 19:30 preferred, phone number in the Directory).

One final important reminder – The AP Chairman (Keith Webb) does not run the Contests. We do not currently have a Contest Chairman, so no contest unless advised otherwise by the BoD.

Best regards

Keith Webb
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