Can you help with my University Course - Android/iOS Scale Conversion App?

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Can you help with my University Course - Android/iOS Scale Conversion App?

Post by longhaireddavid » Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:14 am

Hi there. It's me again looking for help with my Open University course. This time it is part of the course that I am doing called - "Web, Cloud and Mobile Technologies"! As part of my last assignment (the mobile part - or Cell phone to the US), I have to propose a new app. The idea is that I compare it to other apps that do a similar thing and say where mine has differing functionality. I don't have to create the app, just write about the functions and show some "wire frames".

My app is called Convert-It. It is a scale conversion calculator but has features of specific use to the modelling community. The main features would be:

A selectable list of popular scales
An option to define your own scale
Entry of a single, or a list of dimensions
A results page
An option to save the results for future use under a chosen name
An option to forward these results to an e-mail address or share on social media (??)


So, you can select a scale - probably HO, O, OO, S, N, TT (if railroad option) or (1:144, 1:87, 1:76, 1:72, 1:25, 1:48, 1:32) if scale modelling option. You then enter the data, hit GO and out comes the result in imperial or metric. You can also enter your own scale or enter the Unit and the data to find out the scale.

On the second page you can enter a list of measurements and touching Go will see a list of conversions based on the parameters on the previous page.

Now, there are lots of holes in this as I don't have days to work it out, just hours, so please don't start telling me what I have missed. What I would like is comments as to how useful you might find this tool.

My tutor is only interested in that feedback so anything else would be dropped from the final submission.

It would be good if two or three people could give me their ideas.

I will also be posting this on other forums to widen the feedback.

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Re: Can you help with my University Course - Android/iOS Scale Conversion App?

Post by great_northern29 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:39 am

The points that would help me and our club members are
1. Entry of multiple dimensions - for instance working on scratch building a prototype building where you have multiple measurements of a real building to convert to a particular scale.
2. Saving under a chosen name - saving straight into a project file for what you are working on.
3. Email/ social media - to print off list or communicate with other club members working on a specific club projects. Club members are often spread across a region of the country and this is the best way to communicate in between club meeting. Hope this helps Regards Neil A5s

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