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Membership Renewal

Welcome to the NMRA British Region membership renewal section.

If you are due to renew, you will have received a Renewal Form in your February Roundhouse or you will have received a separate reminder by post. The Renewal Form and letter detail the options available and the amounts due for these options for one or two years.

Please make a note of the following before proceeding:

We require you to enter your address details to make sure we have your correct details - please fill all the required fields in!

VERY IMPORTANT: For those who have received a letter with their renewal form stating a 'Membership Alignment' payment, please use the 'Membership Alignment' button, NOT the 'Membership Renewal' button as the amount payable includes an amount to re-align membership to the standard renewal date of 1st April and so includes different amounts payable.

To renew online for standard Membership Renewal by Credit Card or PayPal please click on the button below to complete the renewal form to submit your payment online.

Membership Renewal


NMRA & Region membership
(excluding Region Services* or NMRA Magazine*)
gives you the basic benefits of membership such as admission to NMRA, Region and Division events (subject to admission charges) but no access to Region Services*.

NMRA Membership plus Region Services* (but excluding NMRA Magazine*)
gives you the above plus Region Services* (including Roundhouse), but excluding NMRA Magazine*

NMRA Membership plus Region Services* & NMRA Magazine*
gives you the above plus Region Services* (including Roundhouse), including NMRA Magazine*

* Region Services
provides 6 copies of Roundhouse magazine per year, as well as an annual printed Directory which lists all members and provides a list of the books in the Region Library available to members. Region Services also gives access to the Region Website member's area and the NMRA British Region Forum.

* NMRA Magazine
is the monthly magazine produced by the NMRA. Typically this runs to 70 pages with interesting modelling articles.