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Interested in the NMRA Achievement Program?

Are you interested in the NMRA's Achievement Program, but you're not quite sure how to go about it?

If so, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, have a read through the various requirements on our own Member Forum.  

The Second option join the  'NMRAAP - NMRA Achievement Program' YahooGroup.  It has over 300 members  currently (including at least 6 MMR's) and over 500 posts.  A great place to ask questions from NMRA members who are either busy working towards their AP's or those who have completed a few...but most importantly, a place to ask MMR's for help and advice.

So, not only can you get the help of the British Region's own AP team (view the BR AP pages here), but now you have access to the many other Worldwide members who are also working towards their AP Certificates.

The Yahoo group is world wide, but if you'd be in touch with members within the UK, then our own member forum is also a good option, with a new dedicated section to the AP program. 

Come along and join us! So once again: The  Achievement Program is on our member forum , or Visit the new NMRAAP website on YahooGroups now!

Please note...this Yahoo group  is for current NMRA members only.  Not an NMRA member?  Join up now!

Our forum section can be read by all, members and non members, but only members can post and participate.