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Layout Design SIG.
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Layout Design SIG.
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Layout Design SIG

Post by santafe1958 » Sat May 16, 2015 1:35 pm


I volunteered to be the PoC for the LD-SIG BR, and whilst have my views on direction, I am just one person as part of a group, so I'm open to other options / directions etc.
I am a member of the NMRA LD-SIG too, along with the Yahoo group, but my take on this SIG is that we can look at layout design from a more British perspective. After all, not all of us have a 50' x 30' basement....

The way I see it is that although I am the PoC, and will provide information to Roundhouse, BR e-news etc, anyone who is a member of the NMRA can seek assistance from anyone of us, and if done through this Forum, then the information is available to everyone, including non-members.
I cannot see us quite going to the same lengths as the US side, where they have a week long activity session at the Convention!

In the same way as the Ops Sig, I feel future direction is rather up to members too, and see how events pan out.

Feel free to disagree!

Brian K.Woolven
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Deadwood City Railroad.

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