Corn Syrup facilities

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Corn Syrup facilities

Post by torikoos » Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:43 pm

On another well known forum, I ended up asking about corn syrup industries and their uses, as I bought some syrup cars and was looking for ways to model unloading facilities.
The responses have been very good, and lot's of help has been received. Some of those are also NMRA-BR members, so thank you, you know who you are (I hope :-) ).

As we have a section on industries here, I thought it would be good add them to our list here. These facilities are generally small, and add a lot of operational fun to any layout.

Veryfine, MA:

Framingham, MA, facilities:

Or something similar at ADM:

Other examples are on the Bay Junction project from Model Railroader, see their 2011 series from Jan till June.
These industries were also explained in 'Modelrailroading' magazine in 2005 mostly.
A link to these is here: If you go through the pages, you'll spot several buildings that just scream 'Pikestuff'! , and should be easily duplicated. ... 05-page-46

And if you scroll down on this page, you'll find one already designed for you by Carl Ahrendt, it's the Kendale terminal railroad.

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Re: Corn Syrup facilities

Post by BrianMoore » Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:43 pm

There's also some great information in the attached MR YouTube video. All you need is a stub-end track, a Pikestuff building and some pipework. I've got three Corn Products cars, and am considering putting some basic pipework on a siding on my being-built modular boards to facilitate their use.
Brian Moore

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