RPM table and Test Track at the Convention

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RPM table and Test Track at the Convention

Post by Franklinsburg » Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:06 pm

Hello Boys,

Two weeks to go.
And I've got two notices for members wishing to attend.

Firstly: there will be an RPM table at the Convention where you can display your models. Any category / scale.
The only stipulations are:

They must be of a prototype and not freelance.
They are not entered in the 'competitions.

So if you wish to display your model(s) without the unease associated with wanting to beat other people for an 'award' or something, then here's your chance.
Please let's have a good turnout this year. I'll bring along paper & pens so you can also write a description of your stuff.

Secondly: I'll be bringing along an HO test track for the first time. It's in circular format and has double track of around 40 ins radius. Both DC and DCC can be catered for.
It will be available for anyone who wishes to test a purchase or just run a loco for a while.

John H. Wright
http:// http://www.xclent.net

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