Your favorite railway websites

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Your favorite railway websites

Post by torikoos » Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:37 pm

Perhaps this topic deserves it's own header on the main page.
For the enjoyment and further help, I think it would be a fun idea for everyone to post the railway websites they frequently visit, and perhaps split this up in modeling websites and prototype websites.
Anyway, here are my top sites:

Model railroading:
-The Gauge (Big Blue) at
-The Diesel Detailer at
-The rust bucket at (no www!)
-Southern Pacific Modelers Society at

Of course on top of these come this forum and site, and my own blog. I also spend some time at the UKFreemo forum, Trainlife, RMWeb ( and a few others (the Model railroad hobbyist website being one, but also there I don't find it too well organised, the forums are fairly hidden. The magazine is great though.)

I don't have many, it's mainly the pictures sites I visit, if I want references of a certain locomotive etc. My main interest is model railroading, rather than prototype railroading, but can't do one without the other. :-)

The one I enjoy the most because it's not riddled with adds etc. is :

Rail Road pictures archives at:
The Espee modelers archive at

I am also a member at trainorders, but truth be told, even though I did renew a few months ago, I am sorry I did. I find the user interface terrible, have the greatest difficulty finding stuff, or it is perhaps my topics but this will be the last year I have subscribed there, unless they overhaul the site in a major way.

Looking forward reading about yours.

Koos Fockens -Devon UK. North American Model Railroading
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