New Spec HO Modules - Bearwood and Kegworth

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New Spec HO Modules - Bearwood and Kegworth

Post by igadget » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:27 pm

Hope this works - a couple of photos, plus links to more photos showing the new NMRABR spec HO modules being tested at Bearwood, Bournemouth, in July 2012, and subsequent demo of modules at the Kegworth Convention, October 2012. Hopefully you have been following Tom Winlow's series in Roundhouse.

The idea to build some boards/modules to the new spec in order to encourage members to have a go, was (rashly!) concieved at a meeting convened at the Benson meet, Jan 2012. Currently, modules are mostly yet to be completed scenically, but were tested successfully using Digitrax and then NCE DCC systems in July. Still a few small bugs to iron out, but they created a great deal of interest at the convention, making the many late night/long hours building sessions worthwhile. Kegworth was only the second time the modules have actually been joined 'in anger', although of course we were absolutely confident it would all run smoothly.... :?

The 'we' in all this - Keith Webb, Peter Lloyd-Jones, Tom Winlow and John Pitty.

Testing at Bearwood

In Action - Kegworth

Links to further images:

Bearwood - ... 545_vst7ng

Kegworth - ... 730_FpwPxZ
John P

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Re: New Spec HO Modules - Bearwood and Kegworth

Post by Gloriousnse » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:54 pm

Excellent John! 8-)
Martyn Read

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