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Freight Car Routing -My University project moves on

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 8:32 pm
by longhaireddavid
I am busy working away on the project. Although it is, supposedly, a software project, the University sees it as a project report. I am expecting to have a working prototype to accord to the the original design once the course ends but the University deliverable is a 10,000 word report. To help me develop this, I have created a blog where I am slowly developing the ideas. The first part is all about the technical structure of the hardware, servers and software but now I have to start developing the main decision engine so I am working on developing the ideas before I need to get stuck in and write the code.

Please note, I am putting my ideas down as I consider them. At no point yet have I developed a final proposal for the decision engine. In fact, I am likely to go back and change elements of the previous thoughts.

My tutor requires that I have third party involvement.

You can see how I am getting on by following my blog HERE

I would welcome suggestions as to where to go forward but, after previous experiences, could you please be polite. I can't change the basis of the project so any suggestions that I shouldn't start from here would not be helpful. In fact, even if I fail in producing a working program, I will still be able to write my report and finish my B.Sc.(Hons).

I am looking forward to hearing from you.