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Re: N(o) Scale?

by deanobeano »Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:12 pm

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the lead



Re: N(o) Scale?

by PeterLJ »Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:58 am

Hi Dean

Google "Snake Bend", a group situated near Worcester, or Google "Worcester N Gaugers".

Peter L-J

Re: N Scale Module Specifications

by deanobeano »Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:09 pm

Hi all N Scalers,

As a relative newbie I have a greater need to understand what actually works for my fellow modellers so that for selfish reasons, if for nothing else, I can put that first hand advice into a practical lesson such that I then have a better chance of producing an acceptable outcome - be it one that I am happy with and / or preferably others as well. Thinking long term it should help me pass that / those lessons on to others.

As yet I do not have a working layout although I do have ( and have posted) a starter for ten. What I do want to do before I go any further forward is to understand the current options for N Scale Modules currently being used by members / groups within the NMRA(BR) so (as far as reasonably practicable) I can choose to adopt (or not) the module format that seems "the best" for me going forward. The reason for doing so is that I want to be able to be part of a wider group as well as being able to "play" on my own - the best of both worlds.

Why do it here rather than telephone or email individuals? - simply, one post ought to reap a better return and all get to see it at the point of issue. I'd rather not resort to chasing individuals but in the search for truth!!!

I have gratefully received a copy of the latest "standard" being used by the Black Diamonds group via Steve Dennison but feel sure there are others out there especially because that "standard" states that adapter modules are / maybe available (a reasonable assumption?).

So a call to arms (as they say) for all N Scalers to offer up what they do in working within a "module" format and / or a format of their own when working within the scale.

It would be preferable if the responses are kept within this post however I'm open to receipt through my email (deanobeano57@gmail.com) - if you take that route can you also include a note to state whether you are happy for me to post the info back here.

I really look forward to your responses and thank you in anticipation.


Re: N(o) Scale?

by jimbotten »Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:15 pm

Thanks for the kind words re my landscaping. At the moment everything's a first-time for me, and I do fret about what (and if) I have achieved, so it's good to get an outside view. And welcome (soon) to the wonderful world of the retired - though I doubt you'll find an increase in "spare time".

As you say, N-scale modelling amongst our membership seems popular enough, so it really is just a case of stimulating folk to take part in the forums. (And I have to admit, I have been an NMRA member for a few years now, and this is the first time I have used the forum. So I am clearly typical!) The Challenge (and its usefulness to me as a spur) was what prompted me, but an entry of two for the last round doesn't sound as if that alone will help to spread the word.

Given my current rate of progress, 3 months doesn't sound like long at all - especially when that includes the month of Christmas, which has its very own time-sponges built in...

all the best for now


Re: N(o) Scale?

by deanobeano »Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:03 pm

Hi Jim,

It seems to be the latter as there are a few sections of N scalers out there in the regions - I've just had the latest spec for the N scale module specification that the Black Diamonds group use - Steve Dennison is the lead in the group. I'm keen to understand what others use to see what the options are.

Have seen your post in the comp section and I have say that the scenery on display on your proposed layout looks excellent - I'm looking forward to seeing the trestle spanning the gap.

I entered the comp last year as a really new newbie and vastly underrated how quickly 3 months disappears - needless to say I came 2nd of two entries!!!

Let's see if we get a reaction although I suspect we may have to go seeking rather than wait for others to join in - I retire (early through redundancy) this month so will have more time to seek out others of the N scale ilk.



N(o) Scale?

by jimbotten »Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:09 pm

Hmm, only the second entry in this special-interest area. Not many N-scalers out there - or just not much use of the forums in general? Anyway, I'm registering my interest/presence - and for my own current modelling pre-occupation, see the Winter 2016 Challenge section...