Mike Ruby's camera car

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NMRA Member Mike Ruby has developed the perfect camera car for videoing his layout.

A common problem is the fixed angle of the camera causing the track to disappear from view when going around corners.  Mike has overcome this problem with a unique self-steering camera.  Here he describes what he has done, along with a video showing the results:

"The last couple of weekends were spent building a camera car to take my lighter spy camera. It holds the camera at an angle so I get more track and less ceiling. An arm off the rear truck steers the camera, so I no longer have the track disappearing off one side on curves.

It now has lights so I'll be able to do a video of my hidden storage tracks. Tunnel liners are now required!"

It can be seen in action here (click on the square icon to the right of the YouTube icon under the video to watch a larger version):