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Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 8:18 am
by PeterLJ

I have been asked by the NMRA BR BoD to be the PoC for the OPSIG BR. Having chatted this over with Nobby I was happy to accept. The question is where do we want to go from here?

The minimum as I see it is that I remain as a PoC, provide Roundhouse and a email news sheet with details of up coming meets where operations will be conducted and visitors are welcome and also details of private layouts requesting volunteer crews. These details I can get from this group.

I see the group being open to NMRA Members and non-members and we can communicate through the Yahoo Group, a email news sheet, the Ry-ops-industrialSIG List, Roundhouse and the NMRA BR Forum (rather spoilt for choice).

Future direction is rather up to members but perhaps we should feel our way forward. I am still keen on the idea of an operations road show, but then see my conversation with Jim Dickinson 5 years ago, around message no 24 on the Yahoo Group!

Some links:
Ry-ops-industrialSIG list ... alSIG/info


Operations Road Show

All the best

Peter L-J


Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:23 am
by PeterBowen
The book "19 East Copy Three" has been reprinted and is now available from

This is a must have book that explains in plain english what operations is all about.


Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:31 am
by PeterLJ
PeterBowen wrote:The book "19 East Copy Three" has been reprinted and is now available from
Hi Peter

Yes, an excellent book on TT&TO, great it has been reprinted. (I sometimes wonder if we could save postage by getting a bulk order from OpsSig (I have always fancied a apron, more opportunity to walk off with the owners car cards)).

Two of my favorites are both called "How to operate your model railroad", one by Bruce Chubb, sadly out of print, and the other a Model Railroader Special Issue.

On TT&TO there is of course the need for a CCOR. Josserand is expensive, but we as a region could adopt the RailGroups though the numbering is slightly different. See:

All the best

Peter L-J