Permanente Local

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Permanente Local

Post by BrianMoore »

A few days ago, Rob Mallett and I had a lot of fun creating an accurate rendition of Southern Pacific's Permanente Local.

Thanks for looking.
Brian Moore
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Re: Permanente Local

Post by torikoos »

I love seeing Geeps in a consist, with accurate sounds.
The only problem with sound in a small room is that it doesn't fade away well enough, and our video cameras pick up everything, but I'm a sound convert, I'd rather have sound than no sound, and there are volume settings you can adjust to make them a little quieter. I usually set them such that the sound of the loco is just a bit louder than the sound of the drive and motor of the model at the usual speeds. At higher speeds the drives tend to take over a bit in my case, but I rarely exceed 20 scale mph on my home layout.

Next thing for me surely will be some freight car noises to try out.

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