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Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:48 pm
by geofftiller
Hi Mike
But just one observation - this to me is LDSIG at work. Is it something we would like to see more of?
yes I think so, by going through this process I have been able to discuss how my initial idea might have worked and been able to move to something more appropriate for me, and to them improve upon that, I expect the discussion and improvement to continue. This is far more useful then trying to do it on my own as we have shared ideas and prototype references.

Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:53 pm
by geofftiller
Hi Martyn
I'd agree that no runround is appropriate for the location, worst case scenario if it ends up at the end of a 'branch' it's a good excuse for working it with a shoving platform.
Yes thats an idea I rather like.
I like the industry with the tank cars on the right in your last link Geoff, with a bit of digging (and unfortunately I can't find a sign on the building to confirm, partly because the Google car was pacing a truck along S. Pulaski!) I think it's called Arkema, who do resin coating of various things - on the left is AEP industries who are another plastics packaging company..
I have also been looking and found the same problem on Google streetview. I've found AEP but couldn't get the name for the other plant. While the two plants take different car types the variety at each plant looks to be small which is who I thought that using a warehouse might be more interesting while still representative of the area.
And if you follow the spur West and round the corner on the Bing overheads you find an orange SW1500, plus shoving platform - no excuses needed!

NICE!! :D I've been looking at the Walthers IHB shoving platform (caboose with painted over windows!) but it is out of stock, I'm still on the lookout to see if I can find someone with one.
I do have a Sylvan kit for a CN transfer caboose, its been in stock for 10 years, maybe this is the time it finally get it built, it might not be right but would be an interesting stand in. Or of course could be painted and lettered for the clubs EBL.

I have found Trainworld have one of the Athearn RTR orange SW1500s in stock, I might have to use the flexible friend to get one as no-one seems to do decals for the new orange scheme. One of the GP40s might be nice and I have two suitable locos to paint and decal(along with 6 SW1500) but thats no good if I can't get the decals. (it might be bye bye New England locos to spare the cash for the IHB stuff, and the sound decoders for the gensets!)

As I suggested yesterday I've had another look at the paper plant and its lead to move the turnout back onto the fourth both so the module would work in both 9' and 12' versions. I have two different versions, one with a left and one with a right turnout and the spurs positioned slightly differently.

Image ... -small.jpg

I do have a favourite but would appreciate your comments before I describe why I've selected my favourite.

Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:22 am
by Gloriousnse
Might be able to assist with a Walthers one, I've one of their transfer ones on order and don't really need two!

(Posted from my mobile)

Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:37 am
by geofftiller
Is that the Bluford shops one on order? I saw them on Model Junctions site and was tempted but have yet to look up prototype photos.

Just found some photos of the black +orange caboose and the new orange liveried locos, might have to go for a transfer caboose as they do look more interesting (OTOH can I justify one of each..........)

Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:11 pm
by geofftiller
I've realised it would be more useful to explain my preferred option, of the two plans posted yesterday. My preference is for version 1 the the angled left hand turnout in the paper plant.

The two spurs are slightly longer with the angled turnout, they should easily accommodate two cars rather then being a tight squeeze. If the paper plant building is placed at an angle it allows the rear (or upper) of the two spurs to easily run inside the building and for both cars to be inside, the lower plan would most likely end up with one car stuck outside the building. The building and track being at an angle is more visually interesting then being parallel with the warehouse building and suggests, the two might really be further apart then they are on the module, suggesting they line up with different off scene features.

I have started to lay out the turnouts on the right hand two boards and realise how much space will be between them, while I initially thought "ahhh, need more track!!!" a little more time placing the various features I have in mind and how I might switch the industries to swap the cars does suggest it will look much better and follow the prototype more closely with the relatively small amount of track.

Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:42 am
by tunnelmotor

I prefer the straight approach to the paper mill on the first and the straight angled siding against it (angled low relief?)in the second - swap the hand of the turn out to achieve both? Or is it entering the building?


Re: Switching area module - a design challenge?

Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 2:54 pm
by geofftiller
Hi All

Sorry about the delay in further refinement of this plan. Non-railroad activities have been to the fore for a few weeks

Following a chat with Mike Arnold at the last Thamesiders meet I have decided to stick with a straight lead to the paper plant. While I like the angled lead it would look rather strange when the fourth board is not being used and would reduce the gap between the lead and the warehouse track. I have created two slightly different versions using the straight lead.


The first uses a wye turnout in order to lengthen the two spurs and to slit them apart as quickly as possible while keeping reasonable radii. With the longer spurs I have added a suggestion of an angled plant building with the rear track entering the building. The second plan uses a standard right hand turnout with the building placed so that the cars would line up with outside, but probably covered loading doors.

The left hand/front spur would be used by chemical/kaolin cars as in the earlier plans.

Having produced the two ideas I an leaning towards the second of these two plans. Firstly a wye turnout would be rather unusual in a new(ish) industrial area, there is no obvious need for such special track as th buildings and track are likely to have been built at around the same time. Secondly, as I think Brian mentioned, having the cars outside the building is perhaps more interesting.