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Re: Car Cards & way bills

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:22 pm
by calaf01
Hi Koos.

I made my own using MS Word. I get 6 car cards on an A4 sheet and 16 waybills. I've printed lines on the sheets to show me where to do the cuts and folds.

The car cards have the bottoms folded up and I stick the sides with sticky tape. It gives a nice sized pocket that takes a four-part waybill perfectly.

I have four documents, one for each part of the waybill and overprint on one pice of paper, adjusting the orientation with each print to get all the bits on the correct places. If I was cleverer I could have combined the four into one document and print with double-sided printing, but I haven't got around to doing that yet.

The advantage of this template is that you can change the content of the text to anything you want. Would you like me to send you my templates?

The other advantage is that you can print them on any colour card you like.

Alan Crooks

Re: Car Cards & way bills

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:02 pm
by torikoos
hi Alan,

sounds good, yes I'd be happy to look at your files to see if they will work for me, thanks!


Re: Car Cards & way bills

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:36 pm
by Gloriousnse
Have shot you an email with my version as mentioned above.

Re: Car Cards & way bills

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:22 pm
by santafe1958
The ones I use are from the Aussie NMRA website;-

I use different colour cards for the different freight cars.


Re: Car Cards & way bills

Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 8:38 pm
by Gloriousnse
Just sorting out putting this file somewhere else, so I thought i'd add it here also and revive this thread

This version is a fairly simple one creating a 2-part waybill. (On our layout the cars moved out and back, there wasn't enough layout to generate multiple leg moves.)

It works on Excel, but you should also be able to get it to function on Open Office if you don't have Excel.

On the Car Cards tab just fill in the details for the cars on the car cards, paste your image of the car in and resize it (we could usually google up a manufacturers pic for most models, but a quick digi pic of the model or even a prototype photo would do as well if not better) - we kept waybills with the car during an op session hence the 'do not remove' - but you could delete or alter that or replace it with 'empty return to' instructions if you wanted. Pop the details and images in for 5 cards - Print out to A4 card, cut out the 5 car cards, fold the flap at the bottom forward to form the pocket and sellotape the sides, dead simple.

Waybills, create your database of waybill info on the 'waybilldata' tab, fill in the blue column (which is the car type the waybill refers to) - the next two yellow (which is the starting location, one end of it's two way route) - the first green column is the lading on that first leg, the second and third green are the second destination, the following yellow is the lading for the second leg, the final two yellows will automatically copy the first two yellows to 'loop' the waybill into a continuous cycle, but you can overtype to say 'remove card'

Once you have your waybill data entered then the red box top left will put the info in that database onto the 12 cards on the 'waybill back' sheet. Just type the number of the waybill you want into one of the 12 boxes and it will put that data onto the sheet to be printed out. You can print 12 different, or multiples of the same waybill that way, and the database means you can easily go back and reprint if you need to.
As per earlier - it's based on Wolfgang Dudler's files for a 4 part waybill version, although we've simplified it a lot (removing some features we didn't need)