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Re: Bachmann HO Steam with sound

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:22 pm
by BrianMoore
133036 wrote:I currently have two Bachmann HO scale locos OMWB, a 4-6-0 with sound and a 2-8-0 without it. Both cost £30. The first was too much of a bargain to dismiss, but isn't really the right type for it's intended project as it's wheel arrangement wasn't that common and the drivers are too big, whilst the 2-8-0 is passable, if a bit on the big side.

Both share the same tender body moulding but with different mounting holes, and I was hoping to simply swap the tenders over until I realised the connections aren't the same (both have 6 wires but one tender has plugs, the other has sockets). So would it be easier to...:

a) swap the wiring looms inside the locos to suit the tenders.

b) keep the wiring as is, but fit the sound decoder in the tender of the non-sound loco.

c) keep them as they are, and fit a sound decoder into the 2-8-0's tender.

Anyone else tried this...? Any other thoughts would be welcome...
All I can report is that I had problems when I wanted to replace the coal tender of a Bachmann 2-8-0 with a semi-Vanderbilt. The wiring was surprisingly not compatible, so I ripped out what was in the new tender, and replaced it with the wiring from the original tender. I then plugged a Loksound 3.5 directly into the 8-pin socket, in the replacement Vanderbilt tender, and all was good, once the loco and new tender were mated.