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Re: HO Key brass N & W Mountain

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:45 pm
by torikoos
Since you have experience painting brass, I'd like a few tips.
Somewhere, I still have an old Sunset Santa Fe 2-8-0 steamer. I got it many years ago unpainted. Someone told me back then there's a protective coating on the loco, that I should remove prior to painting. It did this and it did come off, but in places it turned all white. I then proceeded to airbrush the loco with a Floquil (the old (and apparently superior stuff) black coat, which turned out grey.. I got scared and put the model away in it's box, and that's it's current state of affairs, all these years later.
How would I best clean this up, and re-spray the loco? Here it is:

Santa Fe 2-8-0 brass steam loco by K2K Koos, on Flickr

By the way, perhaps the reply to this should go in to a thread/topic on it's own.