Hex Frog Juicer

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Hex Frog Juicer

Post by 130344 » Thu May 30, 2013 1:22 pm

Anyone have any experience of this beastie?

I first tried to use mine on an area where I think the problem was too many frogs in too close proximity, so it kept stalling my system as locos went through the frogs (I run an NCE Power Pro 5 amp system).

To simplify matters, I've hooked the HFJ to a single switch, far from any others, and tested that (with an Atlas GP40). Sometimes the HFJ will switch instantly as advertised, and sometimes it stalls the system, which then resets after a couple of seconds and allows the loco to proceed on its way.

Any ideas why this should be happening? I thought at one point that speed through the switch was affecting things, but it seems to be entirely random as far as I can see.

Track is Peco Electrofrog code 75, adapted for DCC as per Peco instructions.


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Re: Hex Frog Juicer

Post by PeterLJ » Fri May 31, 2013 3:37 pm

130344 wrote:Anyone have any experience of this beastie?
Hi Jock

I use them on my HO Module Jonesville. By and large they just work. We did have problems with two locos, but I tend to believe it was a gauge problem. Indeed I will probably use them again.

All the best

Peter L-J

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